Sam Lynch is a daydreamer, a wanderer, and a restless mind, who sings her heart onto her sleeve by way of reflective, honest lyrics, and a nuanced, emotionally transparent live performance. Armed with a guitar and a voice that carries echoes from decades passed, yet still commands space in the current tapestry, Sam seeks out the sweet spots where vulnerability and strength meet, where blemished hearts find companionship, where connection shines light into darkness, and where transient souls feel home.

Born and raised in Surrey, BC, Sam spent most of her childhood finding comfort in escapism through the performing arts. Destined to follow some sort of artistic path, Sam relocated to Vancouver Island, where she graduated from the Faculty of Theatre at the University of Victoria. During the early years of her post-secondary education, Sam had her first experiences with songwriting and musical performance: collaborations with local hip-hop artists allowed Sam the humbling opportunity to open for heavy-hitters in the genre, including award winning groups Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Swollen Members. A rigorous and demanding school schedule resulted in Sam taking a long hiatus from music— one that lasted well past the completion of her schooling.  

While Sam explored her capacity as a theatre artist, her musical endeavors took a secondary role. However, what was once a constant whisper intensified to an inescapable roar; upon returning from a five month solo journey through Europe, Sam fully surrendered to the magnetic musical pull that she had been resisting for so many years. Since then, Sam’s life has undergone a tectonic shift— she has spent her hours steadily developing her craft with quiet, deliberate focus, while also having the humbling opportunity to collaborate and share the stage with established Vancouver artists.

The future is full of promise for this heartfelt, stubbornly curious artist, as she willingly sinks deeper into her symbiotic relationship with music and actively works to carve out her space in the Canadian musical landscape. Sam’s debut EP is set to release in early 2018, preceded by a western Canadian tour this upcoming summer.